Sony A6000 Camera Review

Body: Sony A6000 
Lens: Sony 16-50 3.5
Price: $698 

Sony A6000 Camera Review | Joel Bear Blog

I wanted to take a minute and talk about this camera. I receive a plethora of emails and questions on the the gear that we use for our work. I have it down to two bodies at this time: the Sony A7rII and the Sony A6000. 
With that said I wanted to take a minute and showcase the power of this little camera, the Sony A6000. 

The images bellow were for a photoshoot commissioned by Fjallraven. With the assignment we had to backpack a total of 20 miles in backcountry thus I needed a light setup and gear that I could trust handle harsh conditions.
The Sony A6000 was incredible in rough conditions as well as light weight. Since there a a million tech reviews out there on the actual body and lenses, I wanted to share a commercial assignment shot completely on this body and lens set.

The Images bellow were edited in this process. 
Culled & Selected in Photo Mechanic
Edited in Adobe Lightroom
Colored with VSCO Film Pack 05

Low Light

Since this is a cropped sensor camera, there is much talk on the low light capability of the Sony A6000.
Bellow show images in the three outdoor low light situations: sunset, blue hour, fire lit. I was incredible impressed with these images, especially since the first images is hand held.  

I just incredible impressed with the quality and performance of this body. I'll be seeing next how it handles with portraits and in lighting situations. Stay Tuned!

Joel Bear
Joel & Maggie Bear