Post One: The Start


Today is the Fourth of July and as well as the first entry into this journal or book.
I love the fourth of July, it an amazing time as an entrepenurer and an american. I feel it fitting to start writing this day since we have in a way become modern day immigrants. Pop's job came to a close four days ago and now were all stepping into a new world on a dream. A dream that were all pushing for. 

Its like taking on the giants. I've become passionate about our business and making it strong. As our company is growing we are becoming passionate about core values like: making fashion not pretentious, making an incredible and family environment for our employees, creating work that is good and not provocative, to create art that pushes for the good. 

To bring out up to date we've been working on our new product line. We launched back in March and have been building the company over the past four months. We just had out first shoot outside of our website with Lexi, we grown our social to almost 300 and are envisioning out the magazine. Its been such a journey, no sales but looking forward to all that ahead. 

Its been amazing seeing the change in Pops now that he's home. Its been crazy watching him take on this new adventure. I can't even imagine what it would be like to work at a company for 17 years and build it back twice and no one care that you leave. He was the reason that the company even took off. You see my father was part of a semi conducted company than was cash cowed and sold over to a business in Germany. Its ironic that I'm writing this around the fourth because its situations like this that has made me become more and more patriotic. I'm so grateful to God for allowing us to be born in this great country, yes it has its issues but its free. Freedom isn't cheep nor does everyone what it. We all say that we want freedom to be taken care of but honestly i'm finding that not the case. People want excuses, because freedom cause one to become humble and serve, but if you have excuses your can pin why things aren't golden on someone else or another party. So with that all said I'm so grateful for the freedoms that my Heavenly Father has sacrificed for and my earthly father has sacrificed for.